Saturday, December 20, 2014

Sensation of Books - by Bob Atkinson

Sensation of Books
(c)2014 Bob Atkinson

emotional displays
within and under skin
from words read or heard
here a world begins

begins to feel great passion
for tales brought to one's head
by those of different experience
while I lie here in my bed

alternating surfaces
those turn black to white
as seas begin to roar when they
shimmer in fierce night

that sky of dots which brightly twinkle
remains no mystery to me
when another spends a lifetime
making good sense of what I see

suffering extended toward
a wonderment of doubt
follows trails of adventure
some successful, some without

frail I may be in my body
but, can climb that mountain tall
for someone in the know
has written down it all

here my tribute falls so short
of thanking them for what
extends my mind and body
toward what remains no longer doubt

doubt that this world survives
when my days of enjoyment gone
when another takes my place here with
complete knowledge of the farm

so that those cities fill with food
and people do not starve
because of ideas written down
by great men, no arms

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