Sunday, January 25, 2015

Arrival and Rest - by Bob Atkinson

Arrival and Rest
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

tension foils our softest senses
when divergent vibrations flow
away from home of life complete
where beauty begs to show

upon our ears without bad sneers
no useless, grating sounds
simple entwining opulence
as if a river flowing down

yes, luxury of feelings delicious
pass over skin and bones
to field a method so complete
in careful use of tones

do not understand how these
developments of acoustic lore
work with each and every wave
to keep us asking "more"

they do alternate in hearts
with craving for a force
which occupies our minds
and keeps us on good course

some say 'tis reinforcement
of that self image so described
tell us music leaves one feeling
as if immersed deeply in a tribe

that ancient need of life force
connection with like kind
to attack invaders, defend one's place
herein our space and time

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