Friday, February 13, 2015

Collapse of Society as a Whole - by Bob Atkinson

Collapse of Society as a Whole
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

trending from my rocking chair
can see those actions bad
some countries deviate from norms
some attack where strength had landed

them in an aggressive posture
an open invitation
toward that feeling of superiority
right of organization

I feel here in this moment
on a macro scale of thought
one little country invading another
has for our whole lives naught

nothing here concerned about
those invaded would differ greatly
but here am talking generalities
not simple force gyrations

to them, they should have concern
yes, they're threatened by this force
yet humanity on the whole
has not entered in true discourse

collapse of the society as a whole
causing shake and quake
with bones of worry here today
keeps us all so infatuated

that we, as one small animal
on this earth so blue and small
could in a moment's eye blink
become something of past thought

some would survive, we always do
although Neanderthals would take aback
at this statement of perseverance
as some species no longer walk

upon this orb of hometown cities
or forests where were born
animals of amazing design
which didn't kill themselves

like we have potential to
fight, fuss and kill
in order to gain superiority
over another with stronger will

so sit back in your easy chair
and quake at suggestion of
collapse of society as a whole
an end to what's called "us"

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