Sunday, February 1, 2015

Poetry Contest - Path to Salon of Poetry

Poetry Contest 
- Path to Salon of Poetry

Submit your bio plus url of your online poetry collection to enter this year's monthly contest for inclusion in January 2016's Salon of Poets.
Each monthly winner will receive a Prize Certificate and Ribbon denoting your successful filling of requirements for in the major Poetry Contest:

 "Society of Independent Artists Internet Poetry Collection of the Year 2016."
Previously published works acceptable, as long as an entire collection is available to the public free of charge on the internet.
No entry fee at all, but not every submission will qualify, ('tis at the discretion of the judges).

Send the following to:

 Bob Atkinson

1.  Your bio (no 3rd party submissions allowed)
2.  Your web address for your Poetry Works (url)
3.  Release to allow publication of selected works on:

Poetry Critic Blog
4.  Join the meetup group:

Arizona Society of Independent Artists

Good luck, good writing,

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