Saturday, February 7, 2015

Spicy Vocabulary - by Bob Atkinson

Spicy Vocabulary
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

having drawn my feelings toward
an open ended dull bladed sword
seen here in a memory
some words I've yet to include

in my own bag of tricks
that bundle of words I pick
to take with and interact
my vocabulary "ruck sack"

most times simple phrases work
not needed some intricate gobbledegook
no purpose in these weirded works
no lesson learned from learned books

where then do these terms apply?
when rare concoctions get verified
when do I insert an unused phrase
where does one utilize their "back of brain"

depends upon whom you wish to impress
make minds toasted, baked or festered
addled, muddled, stupefied
simply standing, frozen, with question: "why?"

why choose to inflate your ego thus
via roads of spaghetti fraught with mush
do you simply tell the tale
or garnish with those words impaled

as a culture eons brought
some deeply dreamed of lovely thought
a world where some have lived to get
to where you stand on this carpet

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