Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A Shaking Goodbye - by Bob Atkinson

A Shaking Goodbye
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

in past times have been able
to say goodbye with such good grace
that saying we all say
when staying in one place

or, as when we leave a friend
we waive and say "goodbye"
will see you soon when we meet again
to friendship satisfy

an "over and out" for now
will see you again real soon
won't be long until we meet
again to feelings soothe

now, I find my open heart
doesn't allow me to depart
without that shaking of my body
no simple "see you later" blurted

my frame doesn't stay so calm
feels as if I'll churn the butter
never will forget that this may be
the last time we'll meet each other

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