Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Be the King, Hate the King - by Bob Atkinson

Be the King, Hate the King
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

I saw that man in Vegas
gold chain around his neck
viewed himself as a King
not worried about the rest

he lived a life of luxury
preying upon the weak
setting standards not in tune
with good thoughts for which we seek

those chains presented glowingly
meant release from control
of those who would enshrine the slave
and make him one of toil

yet, he himself saw royalty
when looking in a mirror
did he not care about the weak
just perceived himself as tyrant

and who mined that gold he wore
were they paid or just enslaved
were they sacrificial lambs
meant to act as conquered servants

he didn't care about them
only cared about himself
shows what one hates in life
dies slowly when 'tis self

that lives atop of the pile
beyond an angel's grasp
a seed of wandering of mind
and purple kingly belt

so, when you look upon those men
who enslave you in a minute
regard yourself as doing same
if placed there in an instant

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