Tuesday, April 28, 2015

My Theory of the Elite - by Bob Atkinson

My Theory of the Elite
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson
my theory of the elite
supposes something strange
a clique of those with numbed brains
controlling all we hear and see

they talk about their subject
endlessly in manner firm
describing undulating form
for us to become concerned

yet when life comes down to nuts and bolts
they see in seriousness
none of those simple forms
which we could label progress

speaking of those labels
they name each part they see
with nomenclature superior
to what we'd all agree

becomes an introspection
no worries in our hearts
they only wish to obfuscate
so they with cash depart

an example, here in poetry
"enjambment" we've all heard
a tool they use to confuse our minds
and snicker at our worth

means merely "to stick things together"
not so complex theory professed
just labels meant to confuse the public
and give their laurels rest

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