Monday, May 25, 2015

Apocalypse - by Bob Atkinson

(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

evaluate potential
see if a mind can make
sense of prospects if
civility were to dissipate

tell me true do you believe
survival a possibility
in a world without restraints
and food enough to eat

sometime in the future
perhaps tomorrow or today
our sense of organization
might go on a holiday

civility surrenders
to needs of basal thoughts
eat, sleep and reproduce
and conquer all who walk

some take up guns
to shoot their power veins
with thrills of annihilation
beyond simple fits of rage

in the end creates a world
not different from what's now
just with less people
so many buried by the plow

Suffering for What? 

 in the end why do we
feel this tragedy
helped good cause of our world
where is the light we seek?

no man in this situation
can claim he has the right
to destroy for purpose
what could be life done right

none involved can claim
existence good for humanity
only redemption evidenced
would show elimination of insanity


Inter-rebel conflict during the Syrian Civil War
Part of the Syrian Civil War
Date 2 January 2014 – ongoing
(1 year, 4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days)
Location Syria
  • ISIL captures Ar-Raqqah province by January 2014,[1] 95–98% of Deir ez-Zor province by July 2014,[2] 20 towns in Aleppo province,[3][4] half of Hasakah province, and some areas in Homs, Hama and Damascus provinces
  • ISIL fully withdraws from Idlib and Latakia provinces and from the northwest of Aleppo province


Commanders and leaders
Brig. Gen. Abdul-Ilah al-Bashir
(FSA Chief of Staff)
Jamal Maarouf
(SRF leader)
Zahran Alloush
(Islamic Front Military leader)
Ahmed Abu Issa
(Islamic Front leader)
Adnan Bakour [14]
(Al-Tawhid Brigade leader)
Abu Hussein al-Dik [14]
(Suqour al-Sham Brigade leader)
Abu Khaled al-Suri [15]
(Ahrar ash-Sham senior leader)

Abu Mohammad al-Julani
(al-Nusra Front leader)
Abu Muhammed al Ansari 
(al-Nusra Emir of the Idlib province)
Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
Abu Ayman al-Iraqi
(Head of military council)
Abu Omar al-Shishani
(ISIL field commander)
Haji Bakr [16]
(Senior ISIL commander)
Abu Baraa al-Jazairi 
(Emir of Saraqeb)[17]
Abu Dajana 
(Emir of Deir ez-Zor)
Abu Mohammad Al-Massri 
(Emir of Manbij)
Abu Haidara Al-Tounisi 
(eastern Qalamoun leader)[18][19]
Units involved

Casualties and losses
2,764+ killed[30] 2,196+ killed[30]
605 civilians killed[30]
76 unidentified killed[30]
an additional 1,200 combatants and 150 civilians estimated killed[30]
Total: 5,641–6,991 killed[30]

Syrian Civil War

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