Sunday, May 24, 2015

Evolution's Dead End Crew - by Bob Atkinson

Evolution's Dead End Crew
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson
many choose to define themselves
in ways which deviate their caste
from normal sense of order
to that of distant, delinquent past

here, when one views this kind
and wonders how could they
find comfort in disorder
in such a deviated way

all sweetness life has to offer
those forms so fine we see
deer grazing in pasture
green leaves on growing trees

killed by senseless direction
for power lusted by those who seem
to find their petty purpose expanded
muddying humanity's stream

why do these folks lack prime skill
to have goodness in their hearts
no positive force, unknown to purpose
feeling for brightness of character lost

barbarity, brutality, cruelty
three actions which disgust
souls with tasteful personality
watching humbleness departed

for deviants who worship lust
our universe beholds
remorse for their existence
brings sadness because of hurtful goals

clenched fists denote barbarity
not advanced in that they do
symptom of sickened culture
evolution's dead end crew

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