Sunday, May 31, 2015

The Great Teacher - by Bob Atkinson

The Great Teacher
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

"... what makes a great teacher? ...
answer: the ability to help the student
learn for himself ..."

True Eye felt in life
no better calling one could find
teaching youth to teach themselves
was foremost in his mind

one can, with patient flowing hands
enamor students with lesson plan
yet, in more important simple terms
don't teach them stuff, teach them to learn

student at a college remarked
"they're teaching me not what's useful"
well, he didn't get true meaning here
was a mind gymnasium not fact depository

you can't learn all there is to know
that's impossible, a useless row
one can, on the other hand
learn a book index, like back of hand

research defined and narrowed down
will answer questions requiring facts
no field of life remains truly static
so flow your mind to stay emphatic

you may not understand an idea
but scrutiny puts your mind at ease
we feel so distant when unknowing
a transient situation flowing

nothing's distant from one's mind
a simple idea from time to time
set's itself in a pool of jelly
mired there, not clearly evident

yet, nothing hides from x-ray vision
that form of thought, a broad imposition
to branch down toward understanding
a challenge, not resistant to mind expansion

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