Saturday, May 16, 2015

Those Three Little Pigs, Again - by Bob Atkinson

Those Three Little Pigs
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

three little piggys came of age
were triplets you know
nearly alike in their face
yet had different tastes

born at the same time
eighteen years ago
became adults this month
with pride all aglow

"we need to build our new houses"
they said in unison
at a loud shout
"we need to build walls here abouts"

"we need a roof over our heads
we need closets for our clothes
we need dry comfy beds
we need a kitchen to cook all our meals
we need bathrooms to wash
and outhouses for squeals

we need fireplaces to cook our stew
we need ovens to bake bread too
we need wells to water our mouths
we need easy chairs to comfort us out

we need to protect
ourselves from all harm
a wolf loves to roast us
on burning wooden logs

and gnaw on our bones
until he is fed
then jump up and rest
on our comfy beds

three piggys set upon that hard task
to create environments for self
with effort of back

appropriate for each
as tastes did vary
from straw to wood
and bricks did they carry

first little piggy loved ocean waves
built upon beach sand a hut made with haste
but it dissolved completely with ocean's first flood
waves washed poor piggy into wolf's mouth large

that night was a fine barbecue of note
roast piggy the main course turned on a spoke
wolf loved to sit down by the fire
and turn that poor piggy until done as desired

second piggy loved the forest of green
was a lumber pig, with saw that would scream
chopped wood from sunset to dawn
hammered a house as big as a barn

had rooms as large as could be designed
a castle, a mansion, a sweet thing divine
but then the tax man taxed it to heaven
piggy was homeless again no protection

wolf saw piggy sitting on a stump
ran to buy bread and lettuce for lunch
picnic he had, when returned to the forest
gnawed bones which crunched in a chorus

last of three pigs was sharp as a tack
knew was in trouble needed help fast
built house downtown on an empty lot
next to a station where pigs worked as cops

thought they would protect him
thought safe here at home
no burglaries happened
when bars on windows

no way wolf could do
what ordinance forbade
eating citizens without permits paid

wolf just stood on the street corner
thought up a plan to get one over
this smart piggy with attitude
last of his kind, last of his brood

wolf ran for mayor
in election of post
threatened to eat all
those who did vote

was one ballot turned in
his own one of course
guess who got elected
to mayoral post

first day on the job
called police chief in
and told him to fetch
him one slightly plump pig

and when alone there in his office
ate little piggy
right there on his carpet

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