Saturday, June 20, 2015

Lobotted Brains - by Bob Atkinson

Lobotted Brains
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

"... In ... perpetual oscillation of the civilized world between worldliness and otherworldliness, between the desire of the human mind to see life in the light of scientific intelligence and ... nostalgia for religious faith ..." Walter L. Dorn

however we see ourselves
we see a changing self
not fixed in attitude prepared
a mirror of development

a free and open soul sometimes
sometimes mired in dogma's muck
ever searching for an instinctive force
to layout our troubles on

'tis always never forward looking
'tis backwards in approach
why do we not relax our ties
this failure, I'll never know

we have an opportunity here
to love our fellow man
lay down our arms, pick up shovels
produce something that's grand

we have a planet designed for us
can work it to our taste
and build forever cities
of glass, with arched out grace

we feel this moment's passion
some need for to destroy
requires not complexity of thought
only flag waved, fist shake, slogans

no sense, or sensibility required
just rattling of our sabers
building requires study
of that we don't seem able

to those so quick to pick up arms
I salute your lobotted brains
and feel your passion deep within
while your disappearance I crave

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