Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Emotional Revival - by Bob Atkinson

The Emotional Revival
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

here we stand in disappointment
that wondrous formidable state
which we expected from our birth
to have been now elegantly arranged

didn't quite work out as we
ponder common pain
an overworked description of
poverty on a train

well, here sits opportunity
to begin a spurt of growth
an era finding gladness
of which I have bespoke

we're all in this together
if we admit some naked truth
we're creating a harsh environment
for elders and our youth

need to worship kindness
not violence and destruction
keep our mores more in a narrow
focused soft reflection

need to banish banishment
intolerance and desire
of one to conquer another's state
with violence of explosive fire

need to find in our hearts
an intolerance for hate
power hungry monsters
need be put here in their place

replaced by those who lay the stones
and build what treats our hearts
like a flower's openness
with gentleness of thought

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