Monday, June 22, 2015

The Life Complex - by Bob Atkinson

The Life Complex
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

seeing becomes believing
when we discover one who tries
to envelope all life's facets
from birth to end of time

track instances of soothing
to work out something grand
outside our institutions built
for use of sedate man

feel I've not been forceful
in accomplishments or fate
not knowing nor understanding
how much to percolate

through open intervention
or absorption of great passion
see a wall which blocks my vision
not my talent and intention

perhaps a key unlocks our drive
our super being becomes purged
of lethargic inaction
butt planted on a curb

when with imagination
could drive out to the coast
and carve a harbor deep enough
to dock just any boat

no, don't see me situated
on a hill above this town
drawing pictures of construction
or roads beyond this realm

but, would have been nice
if my life had done what I
could look back and see divinely
stare me right there in the eye

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