Thursday, July 30, 2015

In the Right - by Bob Atkinson

In the Right
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

“… that, merely for the sake of novelty and variety, one would sometimes wish to be in the right …”
Oliver Goldsmith

how hard this goal of which we speak
finds attainment's struggle incomplete
so difficult a task of honor found
to find correctness not unbounded

shoves to a corner, lays out flat
compressed to small point newly matched
hard to handle when picked up such
so heavy one cannot drag from dust

not that we don't try to get
our ducks in line with correct measure
a goal supreme, with flags unfurled
a simple idea which makes toes curl

but, here in this real world
where ideas compete as if on track
we find truth always attacked
and mush of lies on forward pack

to be “in the right” finds harder times
one clears his head, clears his mind
then becomes overburdened
with faceless lies of true uncertainty

how to survive this naked blast
I find an extreme, peculiar task
yet, sometimes will be surprised
truth comes out and covers lies

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