Thursday, July 9, 2015

Life Pervasive - by Bob Atkinson

Life Pervasive
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

seems to me, an untrained soul
this universe consists of life untold
so much stirs imagination grand
yes, here I'll make my stand

life is pervasive

you say my senses left me now
all wet, no dryness behind my ears
how can this find its way to fact
how does this statement with reality react

well, we're here aren't we today
shouldn't be, not sensible, no putzin' way
we stand on ground and look up
nothing between us and universal muck

not logical

we don't fly off toward deep space
solar wind doesn't charcoal our face
we breathe this air with gentle breaths
we swim blue oceans, rivers, lakes


oxygen, that dastardly element of choice
corrodes all things in contact mode
kills all it touches and lays around
feeding flames, no purpose sound

yet, we need it

water, that combo of H.2.O.
feeds our thirst in dry tongue mode
why doesn't this water evaporate
sun on oceans should purcolate

but it doesn't

could go on forever here
why does water persevere
why does what should tear us apart
feed our blood with oxilot

so when you see that mountain tall
a granite cliff, or waterfall
talk to it in gentle voice
could be your uncle in another form
is alive, I've stated my untrained thoughts
no reason I know of to change them now
you might knee jerk, say I'm all wet
but think about this idea friend

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