Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ecocide (unintended ecological suicide) - by Bob Atkinson

(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

seems to me this trap begins
with our feeling of impending doom
something we all dread
in privacy of our room

yet simple says as simple does
this won't explain the fact
societies collapse because of weight
upon their homeland's back

they think all their universe
to be a placid place
where nothing changes ever
all stays 'till heaven's gates

but no, that's not the way
this sphere evolves through time
change becomes a constant
throbbing becomes a rhyme

not that we fail to see
how we change this world we have
simply put we don't look forward
to see our path at hand

we refuse to plan our options
creation of that something more
which fits into the bundle
of higher seas lapping our shores

so ecocide doesn't halt
our life as life's staged now
'tis when we fail to progress
allowing for new towns

some sitting upon those ice fields
some floating upon oceans deep
or hanging on those mountains
or where the fault scarp creeps

we know we aren't here for long
but when we stop and think
life upon this rocky world
has always been on the brink

smart ones plan for change
adjust their modes to it
blend themselves into new forms
with knowledge and with wit

there lies a choice for us to make
ecocide or change for better
standing firm in evolution
or grabbing a ropely teather

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