Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mind Gymnasium vs Fact Depository - by Bob Atkinson

Mind Gymnasium
Fact Depository
(C)2015 Bob Atkinson
we settle into our pretext
a thoughtless movement here perplexed
going from a soft surprise
to something harder in disguise

not a full view we see
when immersed in tallow
among tall trees
to where a vision can if true
be viewed as golden, a golden rule

in my quiet observation
wish to see this situation
laid out for you to quantify
what's learned lays open for all our lives

try to remember anything of then
were facts, figures comprehended
or was this just to expand your brain
to new experiences absorb, no pain

so, what you learn in this environment
never leaves your life container
expansion of capacity gives skill
not facts, figures or soil tilled

ability to find a relevant source
scan a page in due course
exceeds ability to remember
to know this fact makes one more sensible

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