Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wave Function - by Bob Atkinson

Wave Function
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

many times have noted this
we vibrate with nature's gentle kiss
back, forth, up and down
this way, that way, all compounded

time, dear friend, denotes our lot
position of jelly in a pot
wiggle down, wiggle up
work it hard, suck it up

show up here, then show up there
cycles congeal, all things pair
but, oh we don't feel the pop
just normal movement not felt at all

when all moves together
nothing seems to move
relationship's important
sorta like a groove

we do see movement generated
call it “energy” caused by gyrations
where life evolves to move around
spatial relationships sometimes grounded

life's arrival, quite astounding
gives to energetic movements
something of a natural tone
constructing flesh, constructing bone

all from simple movements of
all that's here, all things we love
loving, caring, working hard
when for a moment we see it all

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