Thursday, September 3, 2015

Benevolence Becomes Malevolence - by Bob Atkinson

Benevolence Becomes Malevolence
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

to give requires taking
is that really what you want
or do you feel you're a catcher
of gifts they give your heart

to dumb you down's trickery
not worthy of your soul
just takes from deep inside your heart
ignores life's mutual goals

everybody can have good purpose
money's not an important thing
'tis not what you take from life
but what you've got to give

that person who steps aside
when ambulance scurries past
has more in their soul
than those who give it gas

to sell one's honor for a dime
or dollar's still the same
pride of accomplishment's what
makes that brass bell ring

not bright bling around the neck
or cash in pocket there
nothing's as important
beyond a good show of care

can't get richer in your heart
than becoming one who gives their all
to another person's needs
to do so says it all

so when you feel you're owed a lot
think about these words
who can absorb benevolence
when it costs one all they're worth

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