Thursday, September 17, 2015

Burkina Faso - by Bob Atkinson

looking closely with eyes evolved
with a different point of view
carries disappointment on back
old tales of me and you

here in this open season we
see those works of art
God would call his people
friends doing all their part

they live in something not their making
way of life not of their kind
struggling over convention which
carries burdens of the mind

they see not as we see
they feel not as we feel
no purpose or direction
no adamantly fierce zeal

to gather with their friends
and build until the sky
a force of nature perpetuated
by twinkle in their eyes

in ways this gains relief
don't blow up this world of ours
no radiation spread around
no bombs exploding stars

no paved roads to calm the dust
or electric poles to mar the land
no roofs of asphalt shingles
or parks for fellow man

no museums to stir imagination
or libraries to stir the mind
no sewers to flush the muddy
from their homes divine

you say this could be corrected
but how one asks of you
can these holes of purpose
be filled with squared off crews

how can we find our calling
how do we help ourselves
find in purpose energy
to help our fellow man

perhaps it's us who needs this help
find gentleness in our souls
where we might not fight each other
and pollute all that we know

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