Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sweet Jewel of Man - by Bob Atkinson

Sweet Jewel of Man
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

perhaps we've seen enough of this
mega violence engaged
upon bodies and minds of men
tearing people from life's page

destroying towns and villages
hurting humanity with thrust of sabre
touting strength of knowledge
while laying bare our tables

taking from us humanity
in a search for power great
over minds of cattle
harvested as if grown grains

stop this foolishness of deed
stop foolishness of thought
stop this struggle for dominance

stop dragging us to our graves
in your ignorance of goodness great
persons fleeing destruction
paint pictures clear of your disdain

contempt for progress of the soul
scorn for progress of the mind
construction of dry houses
and clear purpose for our times

contempt for opposition
something cherished in our hearts
right to our own decisions
in complexity of thought

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