Thursday, October 22, 2015

Avidance - by Bob Atkinson

(c)2015 Bob Atkinson
"The avoidance of logic or reason entering into one's life.  
Working solely on reflex learned by life's ancestors, not by logic or reason.
A person engaged in Avidance has no understanding or concern
for right or wrong, merely what one can get away with"
Bob Atkinson

always, in my memory
have pained me to appraise
those who travel without purpose
on this our living stage

they never see a single thing
on which to hang their hat
no facts to anchor meaning
upon their this and that

I have a name for this event
which seems to fit this notch
a working title for which we can
place observations on their lot

avidance” with some reflection
becomes a perfect name for not
thinking through our actions
when dealing with our problems

removing most of reasoned senses
back to those wilder days
training ourselves in insincerity
no gentleness for sake

for sake of taking us toward goal
as human's with good purpose
a step above that character
which only serves the surface

yes, I know you don't believe
we need to label lame
attitudes of our children
in this lifeless game

but some will find life foolish
without reason in the mix
I choose to observe these friends
choose to ponder senselessness

senselessness which ties us to
a past of wild jungle life
that reflex touting attitude
which continues mortal strife

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