Friday, October 30, 2015

Going First Class - by Bob Atkinson

Going First Class
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

flying seems a sweet dream
soaring high above white clouds
into the stratosphere we go
on mighty tubes of thundered sounds

we board buried in our thoughts
don't get caught there in the aisle
they'll yell at you and kick you off
if you don't at them smile

don't joke of things of terror
we're all frozen in our place
by some who use a tool of life
and their brethren wholly disgrace

me, I have my complaints
most aren't really harsh at all
a snide ticket agent's ego giving
a second security check's result

result that no, I'm not a threat
a pacifist if anything at all
a person caught in imagination
since was a kid not tall

but, here goes my thoughts on this
first class on airlines decks
seems to me a problem
a social thoughtless mess

why do we treat the public different
when in a communal state
does cash in pocket say of some
not run of mill, they're great”

me, I'd fly coach even if
had $$$billions in my pocket
same plane, same destination
why allow them classist nonsense

no people when with community
have privilege in my heart
over other souls sincere
not a thought here in my pocket

treat me same, no different
no better or no worse
exactly as the next guy
else we're a society cursed

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