Monday, October 26, 2015

Science Fiction - by Bob Atkinson

Science Fiction
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson
to dream gives legacy another try
our world, our lives, our sad goodbyes
we feel as though more should reign
on good hopes, and real life pain

to read some thoughts of another gives
a sense of order not in life's mix
so many possibilities prevail
yet we see just one here on our trail

straight toward destination we glide
not going left or up or down in life
winding roads go misty on us
fog of living hides all good promise

fiction believes in what could be
not what exists by some guarantee
drives our thoughts out of that pit
overly produced by effort, grit

science on the other hand
means observation by mortal man
of a world not seen, unknown of character
beyond what humans control through barriers

unless we see we can't believe
we can't suspend that finite need
for proof of validity ticketed
by repeated scientific experiments

then comes science fiction to
save us from reality's brew
gives options less sincere in focus
let's us believe in hocus pocus

there goes a wondrous invention as we
can work ourselves out of tall trees
no need for right and wrong to live
when we our imaginations give

give sanction to believe in all
that we can dream of or describe as logic
those times of undulating cries
exposing imagined, created lives

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