Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Shark and The Sardine - by Bob Atkinson

The Shark
The Sardine
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

two fish swam together
first time for each one of them
both had heretofore gone alone
been single while on the run

both had found more pleasure
gliding through life all alone
yet here they swam together
large shark and small thin bone

shark he smiled when came upon
a school of fish complete
swimming up through the mass
with grin on sharpened teeth

he cut the spines of small fish
who had here massed for safety
and small pal sipped the cuttings
as if was flavored gravy

little one chose not to swim
with other little fish in schools
felt he made more impact
alone or with his friend so cruel

they wandered under water
at depths both low and high
always giving problems
to schools so meek and shy

then one day in pair they swam
in shallows of sand bar white
a shadow cast on the bottom
led to a startled display of light

both shadows equaled in their size
our little friend had grown up large
he smiled at this and showed a grin
with teeth big as clams or logs

so little fish who grew so big
found out he wasn't sardine
was a shark, like his friend
big, but not so mean

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