Wednesday, October 14, 2015

War Flame - by Bob Atkinson

War Flame
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

seems glory's not reserved for men
exists some glorious ships of tin
where bravery and accomplishment
combine to give one thoughts of sin

she started life in seventeen
a need for her arose
because of conflict overseas
a fight for strength of throne

at quickened pace constructed
we couldn't do that now
they had in hearts conviction
we've lost this talent somehow

her birth in Seattle
steam powered with one screw
this lengthly apparition fated
to bravery of her crew

saw service in two wars
between war for island fare
we look to construction
of strength determined there

here and there she saved her peers
by towing them to harbor
a wonderful device of man
which served to feed the soldiers

took on cargo, manned and ready
she headed for Saint John's
to join with those who braved the seas
and wolf's who wanted carrion

desired for them to sail below
those waves of windy times
when friends became strong enemies
and bombs would burst like chimes

they set out for the Liverpool
to deliver cargo for a war
but ran into one flowered pack
many died in pain and sorrow

Dalcroy and Rinos went to the bottom

at four AM that day
four-oh-two reloaded 'torps
then went after more good prey

Siegfried saw his 'tunity
two more with hulls of steel
ate fish meant to sink those vessels
which wandered toward the kill

at eight AM SS Antelope
went down with flames so bright
her crew saved, a miracle
by Stockport that wonderful sight

of the two torpedoes
which left the U at eight
one, as said, sank Antelope
the other sank our friend

to brave crew of Leopard
forty-one in tallied numbers
we lost all but three
as this fine hull went under

bravery and glory
an essential food of man
showed there exists no mercy
when friends got sunk by friends

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