Monday, November 9, 2015

Elegant Solution - by Bob Atkinson

Elegant Solution
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

some reaches of our universe
contain what we surmise
an articulated benefit
with open, loving eyes

appeal not fully understood
simplicity wished for gain
we, of an unknowing kind
knew not from where we came

I feel, in this moment's pause
as if my brain's on fire
why don't I understand this
why don't I knowledge desire

carry me beyond those trees
beyond those mountains great
to an equality of sound
to an awareness plain

plain for simplicity of mind
plain for knowing well
how we, in clinging to what we know
give chatter to ourselves

chatter only serves to calm
us in our lack of fire
something we try to overcome
with energy of desire

to solve a mystery requires luck
and luck's what we have much
to be here on this oval speck
of gasses and brown dust

took ever so much overcoming
of process duly made
an elegant solution to
an empty, useless phase

so here, we sit and ponder fate
yet fate's what we stand living
we look to each other's help
please be kind and giving

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