Friday, November 6, 2015

God in the Hand, Not in the Heart - by Bob Atkinson

God in the Hand,

Not in the Heart

(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

he carries scripture in his hand
yet knows not love of man
he bombs and murders many souls
who cannot understand

how someone professing purity
has no purity deep within
why does he take a mantle of
forced leadership of man

when he goes upon his way
he leaves barbarity in his path
stirs humanity with spoon
a devil's sincere conscript

someday, when he awakes from slumber
he'll understand those hearts
who beat only for power's goal
and tear this world apart

they love man not, these demons
only wanting to grasp what's insincere
by forces deep within our thoughts
mind control, an art despised, feared

when all who get caught up in this
understand where they fit into
a deviant progression of
a dishonorable ancient attitude

we'll begin to build together
a place where love reigns supreme
and all within our boundary
have feet washed in a gentle stream

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