Thursday, November 26, 2015

The Barderer - by Bob Atkinson

The Barderer
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson
she wasn't sure to do this
was not a twist of fate
purely inspiration
of a thought she had made

her family had provided
all to her she'd need
yet, to foster innovation
she with this man agreed

agreed to allow him insight
into their world of lifetime events
a poet of distinction writing
a poem to document accomplishments

from aunt Millie's flings
to Aaron's success on stage
and grandpa's infatuation
with a red head's wandering ways

she saw an opportunity
to document these lives
which held so much meaning
for a family's lengthly pride

he didn't fuss or bother with
profusion of fanfare or pretense
as she asked him to write some
experiences of success via excess

made her nervous in her thoughts
a feeling of disarray
yet, on she wrote these paragraphs
to set him on his way

so, here he furnished her with words
that showed fallibility on display
and said of this family
we're gone, but from where we came

the book lived on for hundred years
provided smiles on those who read
about a family who lived a life
years before, but live again

every time one reads lines
the poet wrote about
daily events of this family
who cast descendent's here abouts

we find we're not the first
to lay claim on leveled tracks
just first to know where feelings came from
and where to send them back

as history's not just read in books
in school for learned fare
sometimes history's personal
about those for whom we care

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