Sunday, December 27, 2015

Ambition, Interest and Desire - by Bob Atkinson

Ambition, Interest and Desire
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

how to motivate our lives
do we automatically react
or may we with overt desire
send folly to the sack

will we in our weakest moment
try a key which fits just right
as want of duty instills in us
a method to be lighted

lighted fully, backed by effort
interest made to fly
in face of need, desire's thrust
warped into a ring of fire

ambition, interest and desire
contain seeds of performance true
a wonderful event of time
to carry accomplishment to

to fruition sensed by those
who cannot stand so still
wanting more than contained
in sedentary skills

skills laying dormant yet
not used nor exercised
need for motivation's firm
artistry to be utilized

constructed of accomplishment
as an everlasting hope evolved
into a process building upon
an idea to stand up tall

tall as buildings in city center
or roads out through the land
or bridges over widest rivers
or farmers tilling land

here, we have accomplishment
therein our nature's best
to feed a future built upon
our muscles and our backs

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