Thursday, December 24, 2015

Santa's Pause - by Bob Atkinson

Santa's Pause
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson 

Santa gives me pause to think
about his effect on me
his way to make me ponder life
as if a growing tree

when I was a kid so young
thought he was older than
those oak trees in our front yard
upon which we climbed when ten

didn't think real people
got that old and lived
they weren't ever wanted to
be called upon as friends

he represented Grampa
with beard so white on pink skin
belly broad as that hood
on daddy's Mercedes Benz

now, in my older years
have changed my tune again
don't see Santa as I did
when he brought those presents in

into our living room near tree
mom had decorated with her charms
by lights, glass bulbs and tinsel
and lolly pops hung on

hung on a hope of happy times
lasting forever through the years
a wish that couldn't be fulfilled
as future events brought tears

now in these later years
see Santa in a different light
seems so young, with cheeks so smooth
as if kid from different times

and that belly I thought so large
seems smaller now than my own
and how he ties those boots of black
so far down, I'll never know

things in life adapt when we
don't watch them with an eye
to seeing different devices
changing progress of our lives

now at the other end of life
opposite my childhood days
feel as if Santa gave me something
a remembrance of better days

not that they were so much better
but bad things fade away with time
leaving only joy of days gone by
when bells were rung like chimes

chimes that gave us an anchor
to lay our troubles on
when we thought of memories
so long ago they're gone

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