Friday, January 15, 2016

Message of The Gods - by Bob Atkinson

(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

to say one finds solace
in belief's revelations
sends message to others
truth doesn't matter

we don't respect different
same's our way of life
we have no feeling for
struggles which might

might find good teachings
away from our bunch
no brightness of purpose
that doesn't come from us

we have no respect for
teachings not true
for our life's what matters
not something from you

such callous nature
belies all good truth
when one pooh poohs others
says of their bad mood

they've no sense of values
nothing of use
dump that proposal
dump that attitude

from now on it's "Gods"
not "God" for our use
other names too numerous to mention
adopting all forms of divine intervention

not one god, but many
here in our land
agnostic included
all diverse bands

can say with certainty
we have our good faith
inclusive of others
that's our new page

truth's not in a name
but in humanity's virtue
something missing in
a dogma of untruth

humanity's one
an amalgamation of love
a sense of order
coming from above

removing conflict
suffering and fright
caused by definition
of what's deemed right

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