Friday, January 8, 2016

The Twisted World - by Bob Atkinson

The Twisted World
(c)2015 Bob Atkinson

have seen stock market down again
but why, wherefore and when
does this time mean something else
or just another banded graph

something's strange on Swiss soil
that machine of enormous toil
which sends around in circles a
magnetic form of disarray

a field of which we know not much
powerful, yes, but opens us
to unknown characters in our universe
something here's unusual, perverse

a circuitous track which matter's parts
circle with what's not sought
that fabric torn to disjointed space
causing us ever to contemplate

those ideas and processes which
could destroy our matrix mix
winding up our universe
total progress held in reverse

not only do these protons go
around this track in zippy flow
but that thing we call our world
twists around like tops on whirl

what manner of default ensues
don't know, can't see, but does amuse
to see our world fall apart
causes wonder if all's a result

stock market? countries dying deaths?
people starving, world's a mess
related these events of time
to this machine of man's design?

can't tell from this vantage point
but got my eye on your performance
do you tear fabric of
space arranged for human love?

if you do, please stop this action
for myself, and humanity's satisfaction
don't want more chaos to ensue
my opinion, me to you

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