Saturday, February 6, 2016

Force of Violence - by Bob Atkinson

Force of Violence
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

in our own field of vision
we see possessions personal
what another cannot touch
or fondle universal

we gather closely vision
into a dark delight
all material goodness
devoid of sharing's light

how do we sustain such possessions
how do we protect our own
simple idea good in meaning
simple protections for our home

must here in open statement
lay claim to what we see
and don't realize or know
violence comes from you and me

by assembling our collective hearts
we threaten violence with our friends
by organizing law and order
even when sleeping in our beds

not to say this isn't right
if right stands up for good
when we see ourselves as tame
that's not a description pure of mood

by collecting in a group
we gather force against
that which we don't want
can you this idea grasp?

"ownership" of land
isn't ownership at all
'tis threat of violence on those
who conflict with our last call

so, no matter how tame
you think you really are
reality comes to bite your tush
you ain't subdued at all

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