Sunday, February 21, 2016

Stragedy or Strategy - by Bob Atkinson
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson
either way this opines dust
where minds begin to gather lust
for willingness to try
outsmarting those who simply lay

lay down to let this world arrive
in such a manner to survive
yet when one thinks of paths to take
one begins to strategy make

herein comes stragedy to dust
all those muffled yells and curses
one finds good ways to guide a log
through a maze with waterfalls

stragedy (or is it strategy?)

either way we find ourselves
carrying on toward life pell mell
confused, neglected, simply lost
with open ended thoughts

not strategy, stragedy

so sit there with your complaints
dust off your troubles with due rage
say to self "I can predict"
massage, delude and problems fix


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