Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Essence of Poetry - by Bob Atkinson

sometimes questions come of age
in an age of sweetness dawned
some semi circle arranged in patterns
without which our lives lie dormant

here, in our wondrous days
we softly ponder meaning
define please essence of poetry
without which I'm only dreaming

well dear, 'tis not a definition
to wonder and berate
we've come to know a why of life
when we write words on page

to think begins a journey
into the mind of us
settles for us ever more
what's good about this fuss

good can find many meanings
as bad can find one's sad
elegance of finite solution
begins each day at dawn

to answer your good question
about poetry's erudite parade
we must here find a purpose
to why these words get arranged

poetry doesn't tell those facts
which prose must duly report
poetry tells how you feel
about this new discourse

emotions laid upon a page
where feelings come to front
how did you react to the news
with love or real discomfort

do you like these events
or do they make you sad
how could you find solace
in both good and bad

so there, in a nutshell
we've shelled this beast again
telling all there is to know
about one plan of man

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