Friday, May 27, 2016

Key to Feelings Long Suppressed - by - Bob Atkinson

Key to Feelings Long Suppressed
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

for time too long to state
have seen so many dreams dissipate
for hours pondered this arrangement
found simple themes not strong of statement

never will define my love
for life, if purpose comes from above
for dear heart you understood
weakness can be super strength of god

I stay awestruck by our moon
which seems to shout of attitude
never lacking emptiness here in gut
but for your touch would not confront

every doubt standing in my life
every failure to complete a fight
for what becomes so broad of care
starts a fire with an echo from a dare

power to force a dream onward
to front of awakened concept
I sleep here without guilt
as I am mortal, not center's ilk

I do not carry burdens so large
as to victory's pursuit embark
on trails unknown in destination
without a compass for direction

pressures upon my soul
give me peaceful, simple goals
I do not fear for lack of grace
as my life here on this stage

grabs only what lies real
no guarantees for broad appeal
those objects of positive direction
never stand for professed perfection

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