Monday, May 23, 2016

Neuronic Twist of Fate - by - Bob Atkinson

Neuronic Twist of Fate
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

irritation spreads again
when I hear them tell me truly
some dumbfounded reality
for me to ponder duly

I should this, I should that
I should back this one
I should use this product
I should sell my gun

I should never think that way
I should adopt this "plan"
I could never see their purpose
if deceit a way of man

so carry me to "la la land"
my favorite escape
so I might not be deceived
by neuronic twists of fate

my goal when young seemed so clear
tell truth and be a man
who could be counted on
by consistency of stance

but now I'm not so sure
what truth lies here today
haven't heard truth's bugle
when walking in this parade

hidden behind some curtain
of purpose not spoken
pride, sincerity, honor
have all been trashed, broken

broken in so many ways
social order's in disarray
find's no honor here
sincerity finds no face

'tis merely what one can
get away with that's important
to sell one's soul for a dime
to me seems a fool's deportment

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