Monday, May 30, 2016

One Must Do - by - Bob Atkinson

One Must Do
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

heard them say without remorse
one must do what one must in due course”
couldn't argue with that statement
felt secure in what I thought of this arrangement

but, did I think or just react
to something thrown at my facial parts
seems to do one must engage ideas
of mind before turning pages with a wheel

oh so simple in form and function
while nodding agreement with a notion
tear feelings out from hiding
yes, there's goodness in those tidings

I don't profess to know strict truth
thought of this makes me full of juice
when I tear apart all fixed order
put down reasons for wild deportment

tell you when I've got a notion
my feelings on your reaction to that
how can I refer my broader plans
made so quickly under stress with dirty hands

no spanning memories of great oceans
where white caps lapped by frothy waves
above where many fishes played
and my thoughts got so delayed

delayed by wondering how I'd feel
when and if life were real
no playing now a tune
to amuse and tickle some baboon

when I'm alone will feel the heat
and throw shoes off of my feet
lay back and ponder fate
which doesn't listen to me anyway

guess I'll just take what comes
and be happy I've succumbed
because an end cannot be had
if journey never ever began

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