Friday, June 3, 2016

Affection Deficit - by - Bob Atkinson

Affection Deficit
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

some cultures here again
seem wrought with violence
not love for which they deviate
from an absurd mental circus

animated, always running
waving arms to convert sinners
whistling in sad darkness
profuse in spitting innards

yet, when love becomes an issue
they sulk there in sad darkness
not loving much another's ways
not respectful or warm hearted

this situation seems
to foster evil dreams
would never in a lifetime
find peace a natural thing

schemes to defy convention
restraint from predilection
upsets common goodness
takes wildness in strange directions

doting on division
never finds fruition as
simple amenities dissolve
in violent power grabs

not letting ideas expand
grow until they stay or leave
who cares what another thinks
if that thought carries only meanness

for love's the only answer
to violence paraded
give them what they ask for
rejection of their status

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