Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Whoever That May Be - by - Bob Atkinson

Whoever That May Be
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

"... my idea of stopping wars is to have nations act like individuals...if they don't like each other...move ..." Will Rogers

something to be said of that
quests for power thunder claps
don't seem to foster maturity
drop us down on evolution's path

wickedness of mind
sends bullets shooting far
how 'come we settle in our beds
when daylight brings new scars

do we fight for liberty
or do we fight for constraints
or do we fight for wealth denied
when in our booties quaking

do we fear dissolution
of our way of life
or can we lose directed tone
when things don't seem just right

or, in a fit of sanity
can we train ourselves
in advancement of thought process
that endless, deepest well

I fear here in my coccoon
I hear truth not universal
merely sayings meant to sway
me toward some awful purpose

purpose sings to the heart
when heart beats faster still
loving potential executed
by songs of quiet shelled

no crust formed for protection
no arrogance displayed
love of persons not connected
need be a common saying

for when we hear "the enemy"
we know that's not sincere
for no such thing exists in time
just people who don't hear

hear a tune of love of man
that dirty ogre beast
who evolved to love his god
whoever that may be

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