Monday, July 18, 2016

Out of Phase - by - Bob Atkinson

Out of Phase
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

stops us cold this obstinate
phrase of what we're told
disbelief enters our mind
when hit with newness cold

boils water in our brain
bends light approaching eyes
no, we can't abide by this
an obvious set of lies

out of phase with our character
emotions come to surface
without pretense or sacrifice
some construct of a mapped circus

picture developed of our world
has parts which fit in place
in encounters with something round
square pegs find effort graceless

doesn't fit, doesn't fold
no way to smooth this beast
so mind becomes disrupted
thoughts seek some higher place

so these become our burdens
to carry on our backs
differences and distortions
brings us on an emotional tack

meant to review assumptions
take us toward new premises fixed
bring us in phase with new knowledge
by simply turning on life's switch

a switch adopting new pictures of
what's real and what's not right
we never fool ourselves with facts
only belief in what's in sight

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