Sunday, July 17, 2016

Poems of Gertrude Stein - critique - by Bob Atkinson

critique the pseudo-poet Gertrude Stein by Bob Atkinson

People, tried to find a poem of Gertrude Stein
found none with content enough to even read.
For her to be titled "Poet" gags one severely.
This situation's worse than ever imagined.
You got to call it a poem, before you can
do a poem critique. 
In her case those mini-monsters labeled "poems"
weren't such.
What's worse than "tripewriter?"
We've been conned into believing the unbelievable.
A "poetry establishment" which never, ever
understands poetry's a disgrace. 

Rethink, revamp, rewind, rebound.
Get real people!
If they read this junk they'd not publish it.

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