Friday, July 15, 2016

The Poetry Critic's Choice - by - Bob Atkinson

The Poetry Critic's Choice
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

I find here in my mental mood
some remorse fed by solitude
a question of my thoughts arranged
hereby with an electric pen

well folks a process duly made
grabs usage of what's previously paid
paid for with a mental note
which describes our statements, quotes

take for instance affirmations of
derision, fluff and words unloved
I do this with sincerity
junk's junk even if pushed, shoved

into an arena created by
pseudo-intellectual men of iron
who claim correctness in their times
yet push out garbage not refined

while ignoring brilliance written down
those words which should be given crowns
those ideas presented which grab our minds
with emotional tongs so ill defined

if you believe my simple presumption
please feel free to follow my lead
promote good words wherever can
reject rubbish as if a sin

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