Saturday, July 9, 2016

Top of the Head - by - Bob Atkinson

Top of the Head
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

I see in my mirror daily
hair’s disappearing act
so thin my skin shows up
before hidden away flat

follicles spreading out
as if soldiers in a battle lost
not so many now
as when to battle front marched

this saddens my perspective
give mortality a loud voice
for when I look at myself
I cry with due remorse

but then I look at men around
who seem to stand worse off
let me tell you about them
so you can get p***** off

some, like me lost it all
except for around their ears
a “U” shaped delineation
topped off with skin so clear

then there come the “pin heads”
bald as bald could be
shave their noggins daily
to look like stick pins of mommy

then come fuzzies a little short
showing some hair, but not a lot
round as if a garden lawn
with edge well trimmed on plot

we have our baseball cappers
something gives me chuckle when
I see them driving in their car
or walking hand in hand

if they only knew how funny
they looked with a bill so large
they’d throw their caps in trash cans
so laughter wouldn’t follow

some, we won’t say who
can’t figure this out
don’t even know which way
to point a bill’s broad snout

then, there stand cowboys
whose hats get brims turned up
to shed light on blank faces
eyes covering nothing up

up there where brain mass
isn’t massive at all
barely went through grade school
subjects tough as hell

a myriad of other concoctions
like grandma’s scarf tied up
and top hats to hide pistols
under silky smoothness tucked

military hats for those
militants in their hearts
who don’t know to remove them
when under roof above

unless they’re armed with guns
to keep bad guys at bay
when traveling through a city
or marching in parade

all in all I feel serene
when I look at my hair so thin
could be worse in my mind
if I looked like them

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