Thursday, September 22, 2016

Binding Humanity to Peace - by - Bob Atkinson

Binding Humanity
to Peace
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson
softness never seems to come
when agitation fills our heads
reckless orientation of
a simple cause presented

hurtful outcome's preordained
leaving us to ponder why
an enterprise of destruction
begins with falsehoods, lies

people not in ordered fashion
find easy targets for their lust
never far from surface seems
we know not whom to trust

me, I find a saddened mood
building's my preferred plan
destruction of our efforts always
cannot us find at hand

find at hand production of
what might not come to pass
if disorder and destruction become
our path to flattened lands

where all lives live in misery
and people trust each other no more
for a shaking fist finds not sanity
merely pain and gore

I feel we've not found ourselves
a purpose universal
nothing agreed to with our hearts
just meaning subjected to dispersal

where we don't want to love
only hate our fellow man
I find in this some saddened tones
without a proper plan

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