Friday, September 9, 2016

Complexity of Society - by - Bob Atkinson

Complexity of Society

(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

though we lament severe faults
we sometimes smile and say
"don't keep me so confused in mind
because I don't know how I'm framed

I never did adjust to change
when change left me in gray
gray fog of misunderstanding
a never ending emotional play

through trials which I didn't succeed
or forward my spear thrust"
now thrust completes a sincere thought
injecting me into a future of dust

which ever sends me there beyond
simple established fact
while smoothing over bias
by precepts frozen fast

I know in my mind as I
keep feelings under wraps
my thinking's never complicated
when viewing what has passed

my life has overtones which I
don't fully understand
just sit and drink my coffee
and smile as if I can

sweeten this world with a wink
or emotional tug at views
which don't really fit reality
doesn't matter, I'm amused

that I don't have knowledge of
all there is to know
just feel there's something wrong here
as if caught by undertow

I'm never fully in control
feel as though looking over a cliff
while loose rocks beneath my feet
lessen my stable grip

grip on where and when I go
to some strange place in time
character of motion's got me
pulling backwards on my mind

yes, there can flow a purpose
but that's something I don't see
for when we grab our usefulness
we don't see forest for green trees

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