Saturday, September 17, 2016

Dichotomy of Life - by - Bob Atkinson

Dichotomy of Life
(c)2016 Bob Atkinson

sure there lies in front of us
questions we can't answer
ideas so complex they must
call for weakened dances

an ever listed mystery
which cannot find explanation
yet ego requires an attempt
to correct incomplete definition

so too we perceive
our quandary in this mess
why can't we merely look up
and thoroughly digest

all there stands to know of
secrets within our hearts
pains me to believe and view
science as merely art

and music, that sweet jewel
may have new combinations to enfold
not all which came before
covers tapping of our toes

new melodies can find
ways down to our soul
beats of imperfection stand
to make us better, whole

maybe, this feeling of loss
loss of total cognizance
carries with a need to expand
our feelings toward our stance

for if we knew all there has
been gleaned from observation
would leave nothing more to learn
an end to purpose of existence

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